What is HealthiHub?

HealthiHub is an online system that allows clinic owners and practitioners to prescribe rehabilitation advice with instruction to patients via the internet.

By choosing from an extensive and current online library, practitioners can create exercise programmes as individual as the patient’s needs.

HealthiHub is easy to use and suitable for clinic owners, self-employed practitioners and their patients.

HealthiHub Responsive Deisgn

Log in using any device

Responsive Design

Patient Dashboard

Sign up for one of our annual subscriptions and choose from a comprehensive range of rehab videos. Assigning videos to a patient is as simple as:

  • Log in
  • Choose a patient
  • Choose the video
  • Click “Update”.

Your patient’s personalised rehabilitation feed automatically updates the next time they sign in.
Patients can log in and view their videos on a computer, tablet or smart phone, enabling them to complete their exercise programmes at home or the gym.

System Dashboard

Every practitioner who signs up will gain access to a dashboard, branded with their clinic name. The HealthiHub system allows you to add new patients, change their details and login credentials. You can even delete a patient who no longer requires treatment.
Once a patient has been added to the system, you can start prescribing them their rehabilitation advice. You can search for exercise videos by browsing by body part, sport or common injury type. Select the video, press the “Update” button and it will automatically appear in the patient’s feed.
You can even add comments to accompany each video detailing reps, explaining difficult technique or even a motivational message to aid your patient. It will display when they log into their feed.

HealthiHub dashboard

The HealthiHub Clinic Dashboard

Rehab Videos

The HealthiHub system contains a large library of constantly updated videos. Your patients can always have the most up-to-date rehabilitation advice when they need it most.

Example video 1:
Example video 2:


Both the patient and the practitioner benefit from the HealthiHub system. The exercises are practically demonstrated in each of the videos so you save time at the end of your sessions. There is no longer the need to draw primitive stick diagrams, no exercise sheets to lose, as the exercises are always at your patient’s finger tips.